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Important Announcements for the product

Latest Product Features

Announc​​ed - 19th Jun 2​​020

RTMP/RTSP Ingestion

Media Suite can now accept Media Streams over RTSP/RTMP from video encoders and IP Cameras and it can record and live stream from such inputs very easily.

Announc​​ed - 27th Apr 2​​020

Teams Integration
Media Suite is already integrated with VC tools such as Cisco Webex, Zoom, GoTo Meetings and Bluejeans. With the renewed focus on online video conferencing tools and their increased usage in our day to day activities, Harman Media Suite has extended its integration with cloud video conferencing tools to include Microsoft Teams. Few benefits from this integration are highlighted below:

  • Seamlessly connect to ongoing video call and record meetings done on the Teams Platform
  • Distribute the recorded file with intended audience via a link or share as media file on the centralized Media Suite user portal
  • Playback to meeting functionality allows participants in meeting to share a video file with much higher quality (@ rate of 30 frames per second and with perfect audio-video sync)​

Announc​​ed - 2nd Mar 2​​020

LTI Compliance
The LTI compliance meets the necessary specifications to integrate with other compliant LMS systems of end user’s choice. LTI integration makes the use of lecture capture technology seamless, both for instructors initiating capture in their classrooms and students who need to view lecture capture videos.

Video Analytics
Media Suite enhanced by video analytics – facial recognition capabilities can now allow searches based on the photograph of your favorite personality cutting through video footage, directly to the point of interest. Live tracking person-of-interest is especially useful in video surveillance scenarios.

Reactiva​​ti​​​​​on Char​​ges
Announc​​ed - 12th Oct 2​​019

  • Customers are advised to renew their annual maintenance contract before the expiration term. 
  • Post support expiration, customers will be given one month grace period to get the renewal process completed and to avoid the re-activation charges. 
  • However, during this one month grace period, they cannot avail the support services from the Media Suite support team. Support services will be renewed only on renewal of support term.
  • Beyond a month, we will levy a re-activation charge as per the following:
  • The re-activation charge will be over and above maintenance (-M component) and activation charges (-L component)
  • The re-activation charges will be cumulative, starting from the most recent expiry date, each month that the contract is not renewed will add an extra 10% of the sum of the MSRP of activation charges (-L component) and maintenance service charges (-M component)
  • The service brand (premier / advantage) and duration (1 year / 3 years) to be used to calculate the reactivation charges would be the one that the customer was on when the contract expired

ISO Sup​port
Announced - 2nd July ​​201​9

  • If due to some special circumstances, the customer plans to continue with the Appliance edition, we can provide an option that gives software support only. 
  • This means that the customer will receive new features/releases/software patches but RMA services will not be included.

Migrate your Appliance Edition to Virtual Edition
Announced - 6th Nov 2018

  • We encourage all our customers to please migrate to Virtual edition of the product as all the new releases and software patches for the product will be introduced only on Virtual edition. 
  • We have special offers running every few months that will help to make the migration seamless.


Application Edition EOSL
Announced- 1st Jan 2018

  • HARMAN is not selling any new Appliance Editions at this point.
  • Starting 1st January, 2018, we have entered the End of Life Support Phase.
  • Any active contracts that have an expiry date beyond the EoL date, will be honored till the expiry date, but will not be extended.


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